$99 Ticket Available for SpiceWorld 2018

Now is your chance! If you didn't buy your SpiceWorld ticket last year, now is your chance to still go at the original ticket price of $99!

I purchased for a staff member who will not be able to attend, thus find myself with a SpiceWorld ticket yearning for someone to become the new owner. 

PM me if you are interested

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Had a thought for good swag

I won't be at Spiceworld this year (/cry) but recent events have given me an idea for some swag that would probably be appreciated by us IT pros..


I usually wear a bluetooth headset while I'm working to drown out the noises around me. It is critical to my sanity (what's left of it anyway).

Last week, the left side stopped working.

The only headphones I had were some I got at spiceworld back in 2015, I never used them because I didn't need them.

They were hardly useful at all, unfortunately.

I'm not suggesting that vendors shell out $40 for a headset to give to the people that come by, but some decent quality plug in headphones that sound GOOD would be a godsend!

Yes, I know there are other threads about swag, but they're 2-3 weeks old and I don't want to dredge up an older thread.

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Why Conferences are Great!

Just building up the hype for SpiceWorld!

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Travel Buddies?

I am starting to plan my trip to spiceworld this year and am trying to find the most cost effective way to travel car v. plane, hotel v. AirBNB
And started to wounded if anyone would be open to traveling/ staying with a complete stranger.
I am in south western Wisconsin and if anyone else is trying to plan their trip and looking to split some costs let me know. We can figure out the details
I attended spiceworld last year and it was a great time and was able to learn quite a bit.

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Spiceworld 2018 - Question

Hello All,

I am looking to attend Spiceworld for the first time this year.  However, we have a corporate wide meeting/event the Monday of Spiceworld.  Meaning I would only be able to attend Tuesday and Wednesday of Spiceworld.  Is it "critical" to be there Monday or is Monday more of a pre-registration and getting started day?  I did see the Agenda, but since I have not attended yet, I do not know what is what.


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Just announced - the SpiceWorld 2018 agenda!

Breaking news - the SpiceWorld agenda for 2018 is now LIVE on the website!!

We've got three days full of pre-event workshops, featured keynote speakers and loads of breakout sessions all to help you level up your IT knowledge. What unique about SpiceWorld's agenda? The sessions are led by tech experts andIT pros like you and each session was voted on by you and your peers right here from the Spiceworks Community.

Here's a quick peek at some of the topics you'll get to hear about:

  • PowerShell V6 - Manage Anything From Anywhere
  • Security vs Functionality: A SysAdmin's Guide to Finding Balance and Staying Sane
  • Azure Networking Inside and Out
  • Why Is Automation So Hard?

Check out the agenda here

Not yet registered for SpiceWorld? Grab your ticket by 29 of June for just $299 - that's 50% off the full price ticket. After 6/29, tickets go up a...

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Bring back the swag!!

For those that have been to a Spiceworld before, one of the big treats from newbies and vets alike is "swag". Yes, IT people have this weird obsession withchotchkies. I myself, love the look on my kids faces when I bring a bag of cool nitnacks home.

The first year we came, there was a variety of interesting spins on regular conference swag. Things like:

  • Spice packets
  • Bacon bandaids
  • Battle axes
  • Inflatables
  • Sumo Wrestler stress balls
  • Light up sun glasses
  • Zombie anything in 2010?
  • The Star Wars themed year was epic!

But, I have to admit the last year was a bit disappointing. I walked away with bag full of simple logo t-shirts and a deluge of fidget spinners. Come on people!

If your a vendor out there. Bring your A game back to Spiceworld. No more USB sticks, power adapters, and for heavens sake no fidget spinners.

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Follow on from where are you post

Thanks to everyone who took part - now comes the funky magic wand waving bit :)

as this is supposed to be a 'local' group :) i disregarded the responses from out side the country and those some distance away, the below photo is what was left.

It would seem that the nearest town that could offer good links and a shot at a decent venue for us all would be Bolton.

So my next question is - Is everyone okay with Bolton as a central spot for us all?

If so - does anyone have any contacts in Bolton or know of any venues we could use

Once the above is sorted we will move onto dates and times - seeing there are a few of us it's not beyond the realms of work-ability to do 2 meets on same day. One during the day and one in the evening for different people and their availability.

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Interactive Polls for Presentations

While it's still early and the talks that will be selected haven't been announced yet, I wanted to share this while it's still fresh in my mind. At our last Spicecorps meeting,CCB Technology had a great feature in their presentation, an interactive poll!

This has been a topic in the past, a way to have an interactive poll feature in presentations at Spiceworld similar to what's possible in webinars. In their Powerpoint, they showed a question and then offered two ways for us to vote. Either on the website with a specific URL or through phone. The poll then updated almost instantly as all of us voted. This is the first time I've seen something like this, and wanted to share this for those who will be presenting at Spiceworld!

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Spiceworld 2018: Is it worth the trip?

Hi all,

So I'm no spring chicken when it comes to service provider conferences (Xchange and Ingram Micro)- prior to my current position, I owned and operated a MSP for quite some time, and before that I worked as an engineer for other ITSPs. I'm considering attending Spiceworld 2018 this fall, but this would be my first time attending an IT conference as a "customer / end-user". My question is, to those whom have been to Spiceworld in the past, would it be worth it? Are the breakout sessions useful or is it just a huge sales pitch? Does it ever feel that they are killing time to fill in gaps?

Any feedback on Spiceworld would be greatly appreciated.



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