Just had an idea for a future Spiceworld Session - Security - Hacking - Dueling

Since we are always focusing on network Security and the issues surrounding that. I wonder if it could be setup so that you could get a Whitehat -Vs- Blackhat demonstration. Where the whitehat hacker is on the inside of a test network working on securing it while the blackhat is on the outside trying to break in.

During the session, they would both explain what is happening, and how we as IT can use this information to go and protect our own networks. This session could even be happening through out the day in a specific area of the convention. It could even be reset and the process could start over again as hacker tries to infiltrate the system.

I know that we have all heard this information many different times, but maybe a visual might help us to understand how it all happens. Thus giving us information to take back home to the...

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Brian Krebs: Keynote Speaker at SpiceWorld 2019

Well, you asked and we delivered!

We're really excited to announce that Brian Krebs from the award-winning KrebsOnSecurity.com will be one of our featured keynote speakers this September at SpiceWorld! Formerly with The Washington Post (1995 to 2009), Krebs is probably best known for breaking stories on high-profile data breaches, including those that hit Target, Home Depot, Michaels, and Ashley Madison.

As an independent investigative reporter who writes about cybercrime, Brian is a frequent interviewee and public speaker. He’s been profiled by 60 Minutes, The New York Times, Poynter.org, and Business Week. Krebs’s book, Spam Nation: The Inside Story of Organized Cybercrime - From Global Epidemic to Your Front Door – is a New York Times bestseller.

To hear Brian share his security knowledge in person, join us at SpiceWorld 2019!


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If your nearby

just won a ticket for this


so if your in the area come on down and give us a shout as i drag myself round :) 

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what would make you come to a meet up

going to attach a poll to this but feel free to add to it or drop in more stuff in the comments

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Online Meetings - going forward

These will now be on a 'discord' server, the invite is below, you shouldn't need to register just connect in your browser.


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the group has been culled :)

so all the spam accounts have gone

all the one post wonders have gone

all the vendors that didnt participate have gone

all the people who dont use sw have gone

hopefully that leaves a core of sw users that can get together

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one post wonders :)

gonna take a look at these, this afternoon after the webinar

usually no photo but when you click on them and see their stats only 2 or 3 posts having been in the community for a few years.

hopefully get the group down to the people who are engaged in the community and want to take this forward either online/in person or both

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Spam Members

just looking through the membership of the group, there seems to be quite a few 'spicehead-xxxxxx' names, these seem to be the auto generated ones - ill be culling these :) 

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SpiceWorld Startup Zone Returning for 2019!

Hey hey SpiceHeads - Adam here from the Marketing team. As you'd probably expect, the entire team is hard at work on all things SpiceWorld '19 so expect some news very soon across a number of fronts.

But today, I'm excited to share that the Startup Zone will be returning to SpiceWorld in September!

As you'll probably recall, the Startup Zone made it's first-ever appearance at SpiceWorld '18, and by all accounts - both yours and the startups who participated - it was a rousing success. You loved the opportunity to connect with startup companies innovating across a number of technology categories, and they loved connecting with you to hear your ideas, challenges, and ways they could better serve IT pros.

We're in the process now of building our invite list, and we'd love your input! Comment below with any IT-related startups you think...

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Updates Posted to Spiceworld Page/Forum

Has anyone else noticed that the updates of Sponsors is slower to come in this year. With Spiceworld starting two weeks earlier. I generally use the Sponsors and Agenda to convince my boss that I should go because content is inline with the projects we have for the upcoming year.

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anybody got a fitbit?

head over to


and join in, see which spicehead can get the most steps

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How far from SpiceWorld are you? And are you planning to go?

So, SpiceWorld topics are being discussed. Now I'm Wondering, how far are you from Austin, and do you plan to go? (Even do you want to)

I'll start you off with an example:

  • I want to go.
  • I plan to go. (Have ticket to SW and hotel booking... life may change but that's the plan)
  • According to google maps: I'm  3,475 km away driving, or  "5 h 50 min+" flying. (2,883.79 km on  https://www.distance.to/Edmonton/Austin website)

Your turn. 🤣

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manchester spice corps