Sponsors Requirements

What do SpiceCorps expect out of a sponsor?

1. 20-30 minute technical presentation: SpiceCorps are a place for IT pros to hang out and learn a thing or two about IT – and a vendor’s presentation is no exception! The sponsor should do a technical and educational talk on their solution or product. Sponsors should NOT do sales pitches.

2. Pay for grub and drinks: In return for sponsors’ access to SpiceCorps, they should provide heavy appetizers (or more!) and at least a round of drinks for everyone. Note: This varies a lot SpiceLeaders and sponsors can coordinate together to decide how much food and beverages the sponsor will pick up.

3. Bring a raffle prize if you want to collect IT pros’ info: Add something cool to the mix by bringing a raffle prize. It’s not only a perk for the meetup, but it also helps protect those attendees who do not want to give their name and email out (which is why we don’t hand out the attendee list).

4. Bring some swag: Swag is fun, can make a lasting impression, and gives the attendees something to take home with them. Insider tip: Give cool stuff away that IT pros can wear, keep on their desk, and actually use! 

5. Thank your spicecorps leader : They do it all voluntary and in their own time, given up so much, going above and beyond, without them Spicecorps wouldn't happen.

6. Logo's and Branding : Make sure you get your marketing stuff to the Spiceleader, both digital and physical so they can put it on promotional emails etc to drive attendance. 


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