A notebook from London: All Access makes its debut

Spiceworks' UK correspondent David Fanning recaps the debut of the new IT show in town.

LONDON — After a long night's welcome from the SpiceCorps of Greater London Forum, Tuesday ushered in Spiceworks' inaugural All Access event at CodeNode. Following registration and some medicinal bacon butties, the audience of SpiceHeads was welcomed to a day of IT intel by Spiceworks Executive Director of EMEA, John Webb.

During his address, Webb spoke about how Spiceworks, the IT market, and the role of IT managers has evolved over the years. He noted that the new All Access format was developed hand-in-hand with the Spiceworks Community, helping the organisation get a deeper understanding of the needs of the community.

John thanked the SpiceHeads for their participation, saving particular thanks for the SpiceCorps Spice Leaders, many of whom...

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