Spicehead vs the toxic ex-employer

Alright, so I started planning this year's trip to Austin/SpiceWorld the day after the event ended last year. 2016 was my first year, and I was blown away - I intend to come every year!

But this is more about the struggle to make it this year. For a while, I'd been trying to get a raise and an official promotion at work (since I'd been busting my butt to make a ton of solid and necessary changes). Anyway, I could rant about that for hours too but I digress.

I wound up seeking new employment (partially to use as leverage for aforementioned raise/promo, but also as a legitimate opportunity to move on to something better. Long story short, I got an offer, went to the HBIC at work, and well, it turned out, that I was giving notice, and not presenting an opportunity to keep me :eyeroll:

I accepted the new offer, and I start next Monday (the...

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