Spiceworld 2018 - Beyond Spiceworks

So my wife,mariahernandez4, and I have been to the last two Spiceworlds and we are gearing up for Spiceworld 2018. Tickets have been purchased (bought them during the closing ceremonies of Spiceworld 2017), just reserved our AirBnB and we're looking for events for the weekend prior.

In the past we have visited various food trucks and eateries around Austin on Chavez and South Congress, visited Waco, TX and the Magnolia complex. Last year we ran a Bubble Run 5K on Saturday and an 80's Themed 8K on Sunday.

We are already looking for events and adventures the weekend prior tot he conference (following a Mud Run for MS; hoping it lands on that weekend).

What events or adventures outside of Spiceworld have you guys taken part of while visiting Austin?

from SpiceWorld

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