Sunday Update

Phew what a weekend, but i think now i've got everything set up and i can concentrate now going forward on the content.

We have a SpiceScoop section now with the previous Scoops on set up in book format - check it out -  also added in is a message app so if I'm online you can speak to me direct or leave me a message if not.  To get a bit more social coverage if linked all the platforms together, so if i post on one it automatically copies across to the other platforms, there are countdown clocks to the next meet and to SpiceWorks AllAccess, make sure you register.

So just to recap

We Have
  • Blog
  • Google Hangouts (main group)
  • Google Hangouts (individual meets)
  • IM on the blog to get hold of me
  • Meetings every month sometimes 2 unto May

Don't Forget
  • Feedback
  • Suggestions
  • Share everything/everywhere the wider we get things shared the more people we can attract then the better the meets will get
  • Get involved
  • Keep in touch

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkden
  • Spiceworks
  • The Blog

manchester spice corps