All Access a view from the trenches

Been a few days now since All Access finished and it has given me time to reflect on things and finally throw some words at a page and hope they make sense.

Any one attending that thought they were going to get a 1 day SpiceWorld experience would be sorely disappointed. this was not going to be a scaled back SpiceWorld.

From the Official/Unofficial AllAccess pre party to the ending bytes and pints (see the alcohol theme is constant) this was totally different than any SpiceWorld event i'd been to.

It was smaller more close knit and intimate enough to get round most people and all vendors and attend all the sessions you wanted to, it felt peer led, it felt peer run, with spiceworkers there just to nudge or cajole if needed, they were noticeable unnoticeable.

The atmosphere was good it was the community offline, there were the serious...

from SpiceCorps of Manchester

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