Spring Clean done

Well as you can see from the new shot below the group is looking a lot leaner but we have now got a core of dedicated spiceheads, as i take this forward don't forget to join in where you can and keep those suggestions coming in, like and share where you can, not just on here, but on other social networks, use the buttons built in to the posts to share far and wide.

This group is for you and as such I need your input and suggestions as to what is going to work for you. So don't be shy, give it a try, you may even want to present at one of the meetings.

Check out the recent posts and join the hangout, register on the blog and be kept fully informed about everything SpiceCorps Manchester can offer.

Also if you check the bottom of the blog page theres links to the most common stuff for the UK on SpiceWorks lot less cluttered than all those...

from SpiceCorps of Manchester

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