8X8 Host SpiceCorps

Hot on the heels of our MultiCorps, SpiceCorps Manchester in association with 8X8 are inviting you all to join them on the 29th of March @ 19:00 @ the Manchester home of 8X8.

There will be a presentation by myself about Spiceworks/SpiceCorps and All Access, followed by a demo and talk from 8X8.

A round table discussion and QA session, followed by a raffle and some swag to take away, before we decant to the brew dog for a beer or two courtesy of 8X8.

We do need a minimum of 10 attendees to make this event a success and for 8X8 to host it, so please support and come along if you can.

There are two times 16:00 and 19:00, if we get 10 Attendees for both, then both will run, but we must have a minimum of 10 for even one to run.

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