New to IT, Want to go to Spiceworld, Need advice

Hello Spiceworld(ers? ians? ics?)!

I am late to the game of IT as I started at the age of 37(last year). I love computers, and while I am not as awesome as most IT gurus, I love learning, and am pretty good at my job. I cannot say I am advanced, though. I am finishing up my first year working for a small Charter school in California, and I am getting better at this stuff, but want to know if Spiceworld would be for me?

The school has a policy that out of state conferences would need to be brought to the board(makes sense). Even at the current $99 for 4 days it would end up costing around a grand for flight, hotel, and food. I would need to be able to justify this by what kinds of things I could learn, both at the mid and advance level. If I bought tickets for myself out of pocket, would it be worth it to me if basically the answer I...

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