Real-Time Location Sharing for SpiceBuddies is now LIVE!!!

Hey everyone!

The SpiceBuddy Team is psyched to announce that from this point forward, many on the SpiceBuddy team will be sharing theirReal-Time Location on the SpiceBuddy Website!

How do you find one of the SpiceBuddies this way?

Easy Peasy!

Just go to click the 'Find a SpiceBuddy' tab!

There you will find the 'Find a SpiceBuddy' Google Hangout (all are welcome to join) and a real-time sheet that gives links to live locations for SpiceBuddies!

If you hit this link on your phone, it will open up in Google Maps and show exactly where the SpiceBuddy is at this moment!

Now you will never have to wonder where your favorite SpiceBuddy is, just click the Location Sharing link and you will know!

Just another tool to help all the SpiceWorld Newbies from the SpiceBuddy Team!

Big thanks to the SpiceBuddy team that helped put...

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