What Guest Speakers Would You Love to See at SpiceWorld 2018?

Hey SpiceHeads!

As many of you know, we featured guest speaker Kevin Mitnick, the world’s most famous hacker, at SpiceWorld this year. And your positive response to his presentation was overwhelming! :)

What you might not know, is that it was one of your fellow SpiceHeads that suggested we bring Kevin to SpiceWorld.

Now it's your turn - tell us who you would love to see present from the SpiceWorld main stage in 2018.

While we can’t make any promises, we’ll do our very best to get presenters that you want to see to SpiceWorld.

P.S. SpiceWorld 2018 (Oct 8-10) registration is open. Register now for $199 until January 26th!

from SpiceWorld http://ift.tt/2zTmGsk

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