Industry Specific and Region Meetups @ SpiceWorld!

One thing I'd love to see (and I will be starting unofficially) at Spiceworld is industry specific sessions or meetups. I want to meet with other IT professionals in my industry to see what they're doing, trade ideas, and brainstorm new ones! Yeah, we can go to our industry specific tradeshows and conferences but it's a snoozefest... I think SpiceWorld attracts amazing people and sets the perfect environment for IT Pros to grow. If there were industry specific breakouts or meetups during the conference I think it would also help justify the trip to the "boss" if they're on the fence about it before.

Industry Meetup:

I'm going to hold an unofficial meetup for my Industry, Healthcare and DME (Durable Medical Equipment) around the conference center (bar, cafe, something chime in with your ideas for downtown Austin) in the evening one of...

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