Laptop taking shape nicely

Hot on the heels of the SpiceCorps mornings where we do a walk through from registration to your first scan, I now have a laptop set up with all of SpiceWorks offerings installed on it, going to put reboot - restore on it, so any tinkering gets reset on reboot (so tinker away). should be able to bring it to most SpiceCorps meetings and it'll be somewhere in the room for your to play with, the hope is that companies will sponsor more laptops and have them wrapped/branded in their colours and the screen saver can be their adverts.  So if you know of any companies that would like to do this, feel free to share, be good to have a bank of these laptops, when fully done, i'm going to do a short video and post up on here, watch this space.

You get all of the above plus both on premise and cloud helpdesk - boy am I good to you or what?

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